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Upcoming 11/20:Silver Dusk 5 at Whanny! Analog Media, Los Angeles

Cine Oculta at Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Outlaws in the Pleasure Garden at The Horse Dublin, Ireland

Systems of Vision at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

SHIKOUKAIRO III:Patterns of THOUGHT at Zhou B Art Center, Chicago



Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival, CA

Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick, Scotland

Artifact Small Format Film Festival,Calgary, AB


Beijing International Short Film Festival, China

Festival de Cine de Lima, Perú

FRACTO at Acud Cinema and Studio, Berlin

Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Roy and Edna Disney Theater(RedCat),Downtown LA

Anthology Film Archives, New York

Athens International Film and Video Festival, OH

Multi-Cult at Lyric Hyperion, Los Angeles



Bijou Festival, CalArts, CA

Vulnerable (Put It Down) multimedia installation at CalArts

3,1 multichannel installation at CalArts


Roy and Edna Disney Theater(RedCat),Downtown LA

What's Ours and What We Are multimedia installation at CalArts


Bijou Festival, CalArts, CA

Positivus Festival, Riga, Latvia


NEW ATLANTIS SHOWCASE at Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, Chicago

ExTV on CANTV, Chicago


40 Martyrs Horror Celebration​ High Concept Laboratories, Chicago

ExTV Film/Video Festival, Chicago

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Elastic Arts, Chicago

Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago